FUELIE Systems, Inc. (FSI) was incorporated in Delaware on August 29, 2013.

It was incorporated to allow for the commercial development of a smart, mobile fuel logistics system. The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan was the catalyst for its inception. FUELIE is the result. 

Developing a robust aviation oriented on-demand mobile fueling system has been our goal. While FSI has maintained our aviation focus, we've recognized our developed technology creates a transitional bridge to more efficient hybrid vehicles. A product line with its roots in aviation with applications that include on-demand residential fueling of cars and light trucks. A first of its kind. 

Our manufacturer, Ecological Services of Los Fresnos, Texas, has over 30 years of industrial and tank fabrication. They have continued development of our equipment to include proprietary 900 gallon aluminum tanks for trailers and mini bobtails based on F-350 chassis. 

Along with our proprietary tanker and trailer technology, we have developed FUELIE Home. FUELIE Home will be the first UL certified fuel appliance for fueling your car or truck at home.

FBO's are under economic pressure nationwide. FUELIE Home will bring automotive and fleet fueling to FBO owners. A FUELIE franchise will open up FBO operations to the $500 billion light car and truck fueling market. It does so without the bricks and mortar cost of a gas station. Turn your FBO and municipal airport into a money making machine. With FUELIE FUEL. 

As more US gas stations close, a new fueling option is required. The Energy Institute of America (EIA) estimates that over 25% of all US gas stations have closed between 2003 and 2017. With new EPA UST regulations, the EIA predicts 10% of remaining gas stations will close by year end. Homeowners want smart home refueling now. FUELIE and your FBO gives it to them. 

About Fuelie

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