The AG-Fuelie provides manual or autonomous fueling for agricultural equipment. 

The autonomous refueling process begins when a tractor low on fuel is close to the AG-Fuelie. A robotic arm inserts the nozzle into the fuel port and refueling is completed. 

The robotic arm automatically disconnects from the tractor. The equipment can now go back into service. The AG-Fuelie is ready for the next refueling operation to begin. 

Manual refueling is just as simple. Access control is maintained through RFID, biometric, or password protection. Real time and archived video feeds of the refueling process are available through the cloud and user app.

Your equipment never sees anything but the cleanest and driest fuel possible. A constant supply of clean dry fuel means better running, easier starting, and longer lasting diesel engines. With the AG-Fuelie, you always know by whom, when, and where your equipment was fueled.​

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