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The Aqua-Fuelie is designed to take any fresh water source and purify it into potable water.

One of the scarcest resources in areas hit by disaster is clean, drinkable water. There may be water everywhere, but it is often fouled with large amounts of waste and pollutants.

The Aqua-Fuelie takes the polluted fresh water source, filters, treats, and stores the water. It creates a reservoir that has an on-board pumping system that can deliver fresh water to temporary plumbing systems. The Aqua-Fuelie provides a reserve of water which is automatically refilled on demand.

The Aqua-Fuelie is partnered with the EM-Fuelie. Together they provide mobile fuel and fresh water delivery and filtering capabilities to the field. Clean water and fuel are two of the most critical ingredients to establish command-and-control and emergency response for those suffering after a natural disaster.