On-demand air-mobility cannot exist without on-demand smart fuel. 

The AV-Fuelie is the key to creating a true alternative to commercial first class air travel. It connects the dots between light jets, helicopters, and Uber and Lyft cars. 

AV-Fuelie cuts the cord between helicopters, light jets, and the major US airports by putting smart fuel everywhere. It quickly puts jet fuel at every casino, convention center, stadium, resort, rooftop helipad, concert venue, and racetrack you want to go to. This is in addition to the 17,000 other airports, runways, and helipads in the US that don't have jet fuel available.

AV-Fuelie creates endless flight planning flexibility via the smartphone app. Imagine adding another 10,000 places you could go while flying at 150 mph over top of everything. An Uber Black is waiting when you land. This is finally air travel at the press of a button.     

This is Biax™. On-demand bi-axial transportation. Biax™ connects all the dots, but you need the AV-Fuelie to make it happen. 

AV-Fuelie uses existing aviation equipment and infrastructure to create Biax today....not in ten or twenty years. It really is that simple.

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