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The EM-Fuelie fuels medevac helicopters, generators, vehicles, and lifesaving emergency equipment.

When natural disasters strike, they typically result in a loss of power and fuel is in scarce supply. The EM-Fuelie's telemetry is in constant contact with Fuelie Systems logistics chain making demand based refilling automatic.

The Em-Fuelie system is self-sufficient and may be delivered by air or ground transport. Each Fuelie communicates with the other, pilots, and command-and-control to form an integrated fuel logistics system. It's not just fuel where you want it, but a flexible fuel supply where you need it.

Partnered with the EM-Fuelie for emergency response is the water delivery version of the Fuelie, the Aqua-Fuelie. Fuel and water are two of the most critical ingredients to establish command-and-control and emergency response in a disaster zone.

The EM-Fuelie and Aqua-Fuelie are ready to get clean fuel and water wherever it's needed at a moment's notice.