Trailers: Fuelie Trailers are designed to hold in excess of 900 gallons. They tie together the large fuel capacity of the Fuelie Tanker and mobility of the Fuelie Pods. Anywhere you want to put Fuelie Pods, the Fuelie Trailer is  there to refuel them. The Fuelie Trailers and Pods are controllable from a pilot’s Electronic Flight Bag while airborne.

Production: After an extensive search, Ecological Services of Los Fresnos, Texas was chosen to manufacture the Fuelie System's product line. Ecological Services maintains both robotic and traditional production line capabilities. A new assembly line was built to handle the anticipated production volume. A significant amount of our factory is powered by wind turbines with a solar array included in a planned future expansion.

Tankers: Fuelie Tankers are smart, solar powered, and completely integrated with Fuelie Trailers and Pods.They are the heart of the system and allow for complete flexibility. Their integrated telemetry and multiple redundant power systems make them an ideal platform for storage of larger amounts of fuel. They are linked to the Fuelie Trailers and maintain their own autonomous security systems with both local and cloud based video monitoring and archiving. This is ideal for access control at remote unmanned locations. Fuel transfers are only capable between the Fuelie Tanker and an authorized Fuelie Trailers.


Pods: The Fuelie Pods put Smart Fuel Anywhere. There is nowhere a Fuelie Pod cannot go. This robust 115 or 215 gallon unit maintains constant communication with the Fuelie Trailers, Fuelie Tankers, authorized ground crew, administrative personnel, and Fuelie Systems' staff for around the clock monitoring of your fuel supply. Only authorized Fuelie Trailers may refuel a Fuelie Pod. Issues related to fuel quality or care and control are a thing of the past.

Know by whom, where, and when your equipment was fueled.  You can review the actual fueling process from the archived video feed. It's that simple. You'll always know that your fuel has been properly handled and maintained from the distiller to the fuel tank, with it filtered to the latest aviation grade EI1590 quality level.

Everywhere and anywhere you want or need your equipment to go, Fuelie puts the fuel there.

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