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Fleet-Fuelie is a flexible fuel delivery system that tracks, maintains, and monitors your fuel for fleet based equipment.

Keeping your equipment running is Fleet-Fuelie's top priority. If your equipment isn't running and making you money on a job, it is costing you money. Bad fuel is the number one reason for diesel engine problems. If you are putting Fuelie Fuel in your equipment, it will always be the driest and cleanest fuel your engines will ever use.

All fuel tanks breathe. Fuel expands and contracts with daily temperature changes. This process draws in large amounts of ambient air which is loaded with dust, mold spores, and water vapor.  Water vapor condenses on the walls and forms pools at the bottom of the tank. Where the fuel and water meet

is where algae and mold grow and form engine wrecking muck.

Every drop of fuel delivered from a Fleet-Fuelie has been continuously monitored and automatically filtered. When it is pumped into your equipment it is filtered to aviation standards.

Your equipment will run longer, better, and with less maintenance on fuel from your Fleet-Fuelie system.