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Fly more missions with greater safety and flexibility at less cost with Med-Fuelie enabled helipads.

Med-Fuelie provides all the benefits of a fuel farm without the cost and hassles associated with them. Instead of your helicopter sitting at the airport, it can now be on your helipad fueled and ready to go. Pilots can complete missions with a higher level of confidence and improved safety margin.

A pilot is happy when he has delivered the patient and crew after a difficult mission. A pilot under stress is calmer and more focused when he knows there is fuel waiting at the helipad. Med-Fuelie improves asset utilization, flight safety, and reduces cost.

With both fueling and de-fueling capabilities in one package, Med-Fuelie is designed to meet the demands of complex flight situations. When you put Med-Fuelies at a new ground based or roof-top helipad installed by Fuelie Landing Systems, you have a winning team. A team that will save lives in a more cost effective manner.