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Why limit the time your gunships can stay in the fight or limit the distance your spec ops teams can go? 

A Chinook can deliver up to eight Mil-Fuelie Pods to way-points of your choice. The 900 gallon roll-on roll-off Humvee and Mil-Fuelie combination provides a unique level of fuel support to the field.  

All aspects of the Mil-Fuelie are designed to keep your team's critical remote or temporary FARP ready to go. Hardened against heat, cold, weather, and small arms fire, the solar powered Mil-Fuelie can provide a live or archived video feed to pilots, field operatives, and other authorized personnel as required.

If the Mil-Fuelie Pods are attacked, they are protected by a HDPE and Kevlar casing. The fuel tanks
are self-healing and explosion-proof. Drop it in by parachute, helicopter, or ground support vehicles and it is instantly ready to fuel your war fighters' equipment. Under fire or in extreme situations, it will just keep pumping clean fuel when your troops need it the most.

The Mil-Fuelie creates enhanced field capabilities which can mean the difference between staying in the fight or being run over by it.