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The Sea-Fuelie is a critical enhancement for helicopter access to ships at sea.

Commercial vessels and cruise ships at sea can often be in difficult equipment or medical situations. These ships have impressive medical services, but crew members and passengers often need a hospital.

A typical light medevac helicopter can fly about 100-150 miles from land before reserve fuel for the return trip becomes a serious issue. If the ship is beyond this distance, the ship is often forced to change its course in order to meet the helicopter.

By providing refueling capabilities at the ship's helipad, many course changes, expenses, and inconveniences for both crew and passengers are eliminated. The Sea-Fuelie is a solution that can take as little as four hours to install.

By installing Sea-Fuelie Pods at the ship's helipad, a medevac chopper can come in, land and load the patient at the same time it is being refueled. This at-sea refueling capability doubles a medevac helicopter's range in an emergency.

Whether delivering a critical part or picking up a patient, the Sea-Fuelie makes all ships safer and more accessible to land without any structural changes to a vessel's deck or helipad.